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Human Trafficking
Regional Navigator

Human Trafficking
Regional Navigator

CARE Healing Center has joined Maryland in the fight against human trafficking. With the development of our Regional Navigator program, we now provide awareness, education, and support to those affected by human trafficking.

In 2019 Maryland passed the Child Sex Trafficking Screening and Services Act which required each county in the state to develop a response to human trafficking. The Regional Navigator ensures that all victim-survivors of sex and labor trafficking, and their loved ones, are provided with information, support,and services to help them navigate their situation. While the initial Act was for youth up to age 24, the CARE Healing Center assists any survivors of human trafficking, regardless of age.

In additional to providing direct service to survivors, our Regional Navigator leads a multidisciplinary response group amongst providers, law enforcement, legal services, and other community partners in Carroll County, called the Human Anti-Trafficking Response Team (HART). The HART meets approximately once per month to discuss current cases and develop best practices for county response to human trafficking. By collaborating with these partners, the county can ensure that wraparound and trauma-informed services are being provided to those we serve.

If you have any questions regarding our Regional Navigator program, please contact our office at: 410-857-0900 to speak with our Regional Navigator.

Task Force

CARE Healing Center is in the process of developing Carroll County’s Human Trafficking Task Force and more information will be coming soon. If you are interested in joining Carroll County’s fight against human trafficking, please contact our Regional Navigator at: 410-857-0900.


Our dedicated and passionate volunteers are the backbone of our work, and we would be happy to have YOU join our team! We are looking for compassionate, personable, and dependable individuals who wish to develop their advocacy skills and actively participate in the recovery of survivors and their loved ones.

Human Trafficking FAQs:

Interested in learning more or have questions?
Please contact CARE Healing Center’s office at
410-857-0900 to speak with the Regional Navigator.

Additional Resources

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