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Therapy & Support Groups


CARE employs specially-trained licensed therapists who have experience working with victim-survivors of sexual violence. All therapy services are free of charge for up to six months. Morning, afternoon, and evening and virtual appointments are available.

If you are interested in therapy services offered at CARE Healing Center, please call our office during regular business hours at (410) 857-0900 to discuss next steps. 

Need to talk with someone right away? Call our 24-hour helpline anytime to speak with a trained advocate: (410) 857-7322.


Support groups for sexual assault are currently in development at CARE Healing Center. When finalized, groups will be advertised on social media accounts and our website. We are looking forward to providing group support to individuals affected by sexual violence. If you are interested in participating in a support group, please reach out to our office at (410) 857-0900 to be placed on a waitlist.